More music news

Another interesting week in music. I got together with Russ from the Eclipse Trio and we worked on some material for that. We also demoed a new tune of Russ's with a specific audience in mind (more on that later) and tried out a piece on acoustic guitar and oud. That last one was highly satisfying and we should be working on more soon.

In other music news the Band With A Name I Haven't Told You Yet has another studio date so we can finish vocals and get a mix done.



Thanks to the hard work of my pal Emma Jones, we had three delicious cakes to enjoy on Saturday. Here is the chocolate one.

A quick update from the Band With… [actual band name coming soon].

We spent nearly twelve hours in the studio this weekend. Guitar overdubs went down and I was reminded of just how sublime a great guitar solo can be. Our special guest, keyboard wizard Colin Henney arrived in the afternoon for many hours of, “I think it’s a D minor with a flattened 11th, but inverted” conversations ending with many great tracks of piano, Moog and Fender Rhodes.

While we were all extremely happy with the sound of the instrumental parts it was getting late before we could start on the vocals. It turns out that delicious, home-made cake and freshly brewed espresso just aren’t enough to overcome the feeling of being knackered. So, just before 11:00pm we stopped, vowing to return as soon as possible to complete the work.

We did achieve a lot though. Now we just have vocals, handclaps and mixing to go. Stay tuned.


The view on Saturday.


The Band With...

The Band that was the Band With No Name Yet But Is Now the Band With a Name That I Can't Tell You Just Yet (phew...) is back in the studio this weekend. We've been sapping ideas, working on arrangements and generally wondering if ten hours is enough time to get it all done. Now it turns out we have to decide what kind of cake to bring, whether wearing shorts will be a good idea and will there be appropriate facilities for us to make a good cup of espresso. The musician's life is a hard and complex one.

The good news is that we have our ├╝ber talented keyboard playing friend, Colin Henney coming down to add his magic to the songs. Last night we worked on backing vocals and also got to hear some of the additional guitar work.

While all this is going on it's time to find some artwork and get the Bandcamp site ready. I should get some sleep.