I've just been reading back through some recent blog entries and I am horrified at how many stupid mistakes are there. Well, were there (I've been editing). If you read my blog I humbly apologise for being so rubbish at checking for mistakes.

In other news, my plan to take part in this year's NaNoWriMo have come to nothing. November has already beaten me and I simply don't have the time to write 50,000 words, even though I'd love to.

On the bright side, the idea I had now has a whole year to be grown and prepared.


Star Wars. Part Two

I spent yesterday watching all six Star Wars films. When I put this on my 50 at 50 list last year I had an anonymous post from a slightly grumpy sounding individual who told me not to do it as I would be wasting my time. They had a point.
Six films of any series in one day is ridiculous. How people sit through box set binges I don’t know.
On the bright side I had help from my young son who talked all the way through the first few films. Making dinner and getting children to bed meant my favourite films (episodes 4 and 5) had to be stopped and started a few times. By the time I got to episode 6 I had opened a beer and was desperate for some real culture. 

The only conclusions I can draw from this experience are that the grumpy person was right, that I’m not as big a Star Wars fan as I thought and that there is nothing wrong in your tastes maturing. After you’ve been a teenager for seven years it’s time to move on.