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First review of the year - Moving Day by the Mark Wade Trio.

Just over two years after Mark Wade released his excellent trio album, Event Horizon, he’s back with its follow up, Moving Day.
I say ‘back’ but in the intervening time he’s been busy with his trio and a multitude of gigs in and around New York as well as far further afield. Moving Day is all about moving on and a chance to do more with his trio: Mark on bass, Tim Harrison on Piano and Scott Neumann on drums.
The album opens with the title track which creates a wide-open vista in sound, propelled by Mark’s beautiful bass tone. There is a positive energy in this tune that speaks of moving on and up.All three players get a chance to shine, the bass and drums especially. I love how the soloing never feels gratuitous, but always a part of the whole.
Wide Open, moves in next. There’s a lot more happening rhythmically here and the band navigate the various time signatures and sections like a bike courier weaving through traffic on a busy city street. In truth, this track made me want to pi…

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