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Berlin revisited (but not actually revisited, although... anyway...)

I've posted abut this before but here's a story I don't mind repeating.

Twenty nine years ago a friend I was working with asked me what I was doing tomorrow. I said, 'working" and she suggested something else.

Something else turned out to be getting up horrifically early in the morning, driving to the airport and flying to Berlin.

We arrived in time for breakfast and, with some local knowledge, made our way to a section of the wall. We joined the many people who were chipping, pulling and otherwise vandalising this monument of separatism and toxic politics. We managed to make some serious holes and shook hands with the border guards on the other side who, weeks or possibly days before, would have shot us.

At some point later we went to a cafe for food and drink. My grasp of German was much better then and I could overhear the locals worrying that their jobs would soon be taken by those from the East. Everyone else, mostly foreigners like us, was talking about the …

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