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Bad news as good news

Recently I’ve had to deal with two potentially bad bits of news to do with getting a place to live. Buying a selling houses can be extremely stressful, although nothing compares to the mind-altering insanity of packing up and moving. Yes, I know that sounds dramatic, but when you combine two different interpretations of ‘organised’, add some small children and stir… mind-altering insanity is what you get.
Where was I?
Oh yes. Bad news. Except, discovering I can’t get the house I thought I wanted, and might not have sold the house I thought was sold, has turned out to be liberating. Months of worry have just evaporated into a mist of low level annoyance. Meanwhile, the day to day stuff of life had happily rushed in to fill the gaps.

All of which has reminded me that it’s better to know something has broken, than to keep pretending it isn’t. That sounds ominous.

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