A further note!

Just to make this worthwhile for you to read, I'm going to add dates for the various bands I play in. Hope that makes things more interesting. No? I can see you shaking your head.
Just wait and see.
Return of the Panty Cats is taking shape in my head - this will only make sense if you read the last post - and this is not an excuse for not having written anything. The tune is swirling around, slowly taking shape, losing the more cliched elements it began with and trying hard not to sound too contrived. All this in my head - no wonder I can't sleep.


Today I can take a calmer look at things. I want to write a jazzy piece of music called 'Return of the Panty Cats' and maybe do a gig with a specially made band. So, the song is underway (drums, piano melody but not the changes yet) and the band would depend on the instrumentation of the tune - so that'll be a while.


This is my first ever Blog entry so I had better make it something special.
OK, hello to anyone out there. I'm a bass player and a singer (and a teacher too). This should take you to one of my bands...

In the coming days, weeks, years I'll write up what is going on and tell you about my life, and the interesting things going on around me. 'Interesting' is a word we'll have to redefine as we go along.