Happy New Year

Many brief but exciting tales to tell. Stupid computer problems, travels, tiny silver balls, new traditions and small children enjoying what looks like a morning at the transport cafe. All coming in the new year. Or tomorrow night.


Not everything is a metaphor

One last, quick post before I vanish temporarily under a crumbly blanket of mince pies and a heaving reservoir of mulled wine.

Thank you to all the readers of this blog. Some of you I know personally, some I know through the internet, some of you are shadowy strangers or folk brought here by an old post about the word unconfident. I hope you will all have a happy and healthy new year.

There is a squirrel staring at me through the window. I think that says it all.


For those of you living close to Oxford and who have an open mind about installation art (hands up..., just you then? OK) I must recommend Modern Art Oxford's current exhibition. It's 'The House of Books has no Windows' by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller. There are four separate parts to the show but the best (to me) was 'Opera for a Small Room'. It takes twenty minutes to unfold and is hypnotic, striking and surprising. In the minutes after it finished I found I was still under its spell, with ideas and emotions churning around.

It's a shame to hear so many people dismiss 'Modern Art' as something pretentious, alien or pointless. The MAO gallery is an open, free space with a positive spirit to it and I always get a kick out of visiting. This current show is only there until 18th January though so if you are interested, get moving.


Freya at the wheel

Freya at the wheel
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My daughter can sometimes be a handful. However, she is a bright and talented child with a definite sense of responsibility and respect for... holy crap! She's stealing the car!!!

Needs work

Needs work
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Seen today in Oxford. I feel the decor is lacking something.

To Hull and back

I like this time of year. Still at work but anticipating getting together with family and friends. The weather here is relentlessly grey but even that doesn't matter - I always feel we need the bleak days to give Spring a good start.

Last week I was away for a few days in Hull, at a conference. The conference itself was connected with the dayjob, but once I was back in my hotel room I got the laptop out and worked on the new Spingere album. In two nights (and mornings) I finished the editing jobs, remixed three tunes and sorted out the sequencing. On the train journey home I listened to it all from first note to last and was fairly pleased. I had forgotten to repair the one dodgy bass line but then I was travelling light and hadn't taken an instrument with me. So, while I'm looking forward to family, friends, eating, drinking and festive telly I'm also keen to get this project finished.

At the risk of this post sounding like a round-robin letter I should add that Freya, my daughter and person in her own right, has just turned 18 months old. She is becoming a handful. Tiring, loud, difficult and bad tempered would all be adjectives I'd associate with her. But then, she's only a year and a half old and her lust for exploring and ebulient confidence (that's the nice version) are only part of her personality. She's also capable of asking for and giving cuddles, exclaiming wonder ("LOOK! LOOK!" she shouts as we drive past houses strung with Christmas lights) and being very sweet indeed. Surely the best thing about having a child is that they can surprise you. Although, on reflection, one doesn't always want to be surprised by the site of your small child standing on a windowsill, seconds away from turning the handle and falling into the front garden. I love her a lot.

One last thing today. At a time when we need to build a sense of tolerance and understanding between people, and at a time when we need to take the future of out planet's environment seriously, isn't it sad to see a man who dresses in funny clothes and lives in a marble palace telling people that environmental problems are as serious as the issue of who we might chose to have a loving relationship with. Peace, love, understanding and reason will save us, not this narrow minded hatefulness.

Happy holidays!


You may remember me...

Still here. I've been quiet recently because life has been getting in the way of blogging. But soon I should have tales of musicians, gigs, recording, playing, shopping and traveling. Pictures too.


More Juana

My appreciation of Juana Molina continues. Here's a nice interview with her.

Coming down fast but I'm miles above you...

A lovely morning having butternut squash soup, coffee and cake at a local farm/shop restaurant. It was newly refurbished and had sticky teapots and cups on the windows which cast longer and longer shadows across the walls.

I've been listening to lots of The Beatles music this week. Nothing wrong with that normally but I am trying to get my album finished and I should be keeping my ears fresh. At least they're clean.

A very busy couple of weeks coming up with some music news very soon, I hope.



Went out again tonight to try and capture the local church again. That is a real Christmas tree on top of the tower.


Night out

After another seriously busy day at work I got home and had a chance to take Freya out to see the turning on of the village Christmas tree. We took in the local church's new decorations on the way home.