Seeds and growth

Another in a collectible series of mixed weeks has just passed. Lowlights would be missing a great gig and some work issues. Highlights would be playing music, meeting up with old friends and the possibilities of actual gigs in the future. I miss playing with Soul Beaver and Bridge Street though, and getting together for any meaningful rehearsals is looking an unlikely prospect for some while. There's a magic in those two bands and I miss being part of it.
That said, I'm plowing on with other projects. The seeds of a new solo album have presented themselves, Possibly because I've been working hard on the Warr Guitar and putting more time into bass playing theory. Nothing... nothing beats playing live though.



Back from Yorkshire. The dayjob is throwing up some new challenges (staying positive being one) and as a result I've been up to Beverley, Yorkshire on the train. I went up yesterday and a points failure outside Birmingham made me miss all my connections. But, although I arrived far later than expected, I didn't need so many changes.

Coming home today was much less eventful. I moved seats so a blind man and his wife could sit together. Neither of them said thanks, which is ok. But later in the journey the blind man started singing an odd, wordless song. Luckily I had my tiny digital recorder on me and managed to sample some of it.

Home now, weary and annoyed that I've missed a rehearsal. I do intend to put in a few hours practise on the bass though.



I've been on holiday for a while and have (for once) stayed away form all things interwebby (apart form a few posts on Twitter - although I could read any tweets).

It's good to be back though and I've already got a pile of emails to answers, projects to re-ignite and, well you know, all that good, internet stuff.

More meaningful posts soon.


Bass Corner

Bass corner, from Wednesday's sessions.

Rockin' the manor

5th August
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This has been a nicely mixed up week. On Wednesday I spent the whole day rehearsing, arranging, playing and recording songs. We worked for about twelve hours, getting songs into shape and taping them, with sections of the day videoed as well. The venue for all this was a beautiful manor house and the surroundings (including stunning gardens) certainly helped the creative juices flow. Pictures, videos and samples of music should be finding their way on to the interweb as soon as I can find the time to edit them.

Yesterday, we (family we, not muso we) drove to the seaside, which isn't easy when you live in the middle of the country. We did manage a visit to Corfe Castle (where Freya convinced a small troop of girl guides to follow her around) and eat fish and chips by the sea. The was much laughter and merriment, even after the moment when it became apparent all Freya's clothes were now soaking wet with seawater or covered in sand.

I very nearly got a chance to play my upright electric bass this week, but a pin snapped and it's in bass-hospital. Oddly, while writing to the manufacturer (the talented Thomas Fichter, who used to play in the Ensemble Modern) Marc-Anthony Turnage appeared on telly. I had bought the bass from Herr Fichter during rehearsals for one of Turnage's pieces. I had enjoyed a meal with the bass player, who told stories of his experiences with Frank Zappa, and then I watched the Turnage piece in the evening with the added delight of hearing John Schofield on guitar and Peter Erskine on drums. Back at my B&B I plugged in my new bass and played for hours.


Cark Park Food.

A mix up meant instead of seeing friends today we had a picnic in the car park near the White Horse Hill. This was the view from the car.