Westmill Windmills
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Last weekend I had a chance to stroll across a field, towards four huge wind turbines. As a child I had visited one of the last working (old style) windmills in the country and had happy memories of the event. This was quite different.

As I got closer a strange, creepy feeling overtook me. Not for long, but long enough to make the point that these were truly massive, dangerous things (although to be fair, not that dangerous unless one fell over or I was thirty feet tall). Soon the trepidation was replaced with awe as I craned my neck to look up at the hub. Finally, and more memorably, I was dive bombed by a pee-wit and started to feel I was in an early 1970s science-fiction movie. One with no people but a bemused hero, wandering through an alien landscape, looking for a sign of living breathing humanity.

When I got back to the car I found the pee-wit had pooped on it and everything returned to normal.


Oh, it's me again

It feel like a good moment for self promotion again.

This link will take you to the Bandcamp page where you can hear and buy everything currently available from the Spingere catalogue.


Stroke my chicken?

I had one of those perfect moments on Sunday. I was eating a good meal and watching my daughter do some interpretive dancing to ‘Songs from Bear in the Big Blue House.’ She had dressed herself and so was wearing three t-shirts and a purple plastic bag which, she explained, was Japanese.

None of this was soured by the slightly surreal experience on Saturday of receiving an obscene phone call. A distant, local accented voice asked me if I would like to stroke his cock. Because this sort of phone call was new to me I had hung up before thinking up any witty responses and I was more annoyed at that than anything else. What if Freya had answered the phone? You might ask. Well, I suspect she would have no idea what he was talking about and given the phone to me (the way she does when Granny calls). I called the police and reported what had happened and was asked for exact details (which made it the first time I had said “would you like to stroke my cock” to a police lady). What makes this more interesting is that not many people know my number, so if this wasn’t random dialling I have a fairly good idea who might be behind it.


It's a lottery

On Wednesday I went a bit mad and bought a Euro Millions Lottery ticket from the nearby Co-Op store. It was only later I noticed I didn't have the ticket so today I went back to the shop and asked if had been handed in. They checked for me. It wasn't by the till, or in their back room so I was ready to write it off. But then the lady I had been talking to went back into the office checked the CCTV footage to confirm I had been there when I said. Then she checked against the till roll and noticed I had paid for a ticket but never been given one. So she printed off a new one and apologised.

I like the Co-op.