The Good News

It’s been a great year for music already. Nik Bartsch’s Mobile, Esperanza Spalding and Avishai Cohen have all made amazing albums which stretch genre labels and show that the only way to make great art is to acknowledge the past but not copy it.

And there’s more great stuff coming. Tuner’s FACE can’t be far off and a trio album with Jack DeJohnette, Ravi Coltrane and Matthew Garrison is arriving in May.

It’s good to be 52 and seriously excited about album releases.


The Bad News

My mum’s dementia has taken another turn for the worse. After she spent a short period in respite care so I could recover from the pneumonia, she’s home but not really sure where ‘home is. She knows she is in her house but doesn’t completely recognise it. Sometimes she asks if she can sleep in her bed, as if it’s not hers. Sometimes she talks about going home to her family home where she (mostly) grew up. Sometimes she acts as if her house is mine.

Yesterday she forgot I had got married and, on finding out I was, became deeply upset that she hadn’t come to the ceremony. She had come, of course, but it took hours to convince her that she hadn’t let me down.

It’s beginning to feel like my mum is being slowly and inexorably erased in front of my eyes.