NaNoWriMo or no?

November is getting closer. I have an idea for a novel and the yearly, NaNo event is the perfect way for me to get it written. There are two nagging doubts to overcome.

Firstly: will it be worth writing? I had promised myself to make the next book (this is number four) the best one. To be sure of this I’m creating a more solid plot outline and some sample chapters.

Secondly: is it the right book? Writing a thriller (which is what this is) is something I seem to be able to do. But I feel there’s something different I can do. I feel if I can write the blurb for the back of the book, I can write the book. Perhaps this is a sign that the idea is not ready yet, or that I’m just clueless and not a proper writer.

All these things are possible.



New Accelerator has been expanded. We’ve been lucky enough to have Colin Henney play on our recording sessions but it’s been impossible to have him along to regular rehearsals and song writing sessions. Thanks to our fabulous drummer, Bobby, we now have a full time keyboard playing member of the band in Adrian Coles.

Having another instrumentalist capable of playing lead of rhythm parts has made a real difference. We can now play the songs as they sound on record, although it hasn’t taken long for us to start mucking about with arrangements and delving in to all the new sounds and possibilities. We can also integrate the keys into songs as they are being written. There are challenges too, as we find the right sounds and make sure we’re not stepping on each other’s toes.

Exciting times ahead.


Stars revisited

Good old Facebook. Today it reminded me of various things that happened on this day over the last few years. There was a photograph of my then six year old daughter with a large plastic horse, lots of posts about working on new songs (now all complete and available on Bandcamp) and, from 2012, a poem about my dad. It’s not a great poem but it worked well enough at the time for me to let it out.
I love reading and studying poems but I don’t write many anymore because I’m just not good enough to write anything that stands up to the 24 hour test. That is, being able to be read 24 hours later and not seem like crap. This poem though, this poem was written in the heat of the moment and posted before I could get too precious. Then I forgot it, until today. For once in my life I actually wrote a poem that works. For the record, my dad died two months after this was written.

The stars are markers of the past.
They tell the tales of giants and dwarves.
Their light conveys the stories although
That light has left them long ago.
Just like the boy with a catapult,
Whose lengthy journey through the years
Has stretched out and almost erased
His adventures.

The stars are makers of the past.
They are calling,
My dad,
Every morning.

Every morning as they fade
They invite him
To join them.

The twinkle,
Twinkles in his eyes,
But one day soon,
The stars’ delicate light,
Will catapult him,

Into the past.


Blog lag

Things have been hectic again recently. Updates on my mum, music and the nature of photography (well, maybe not so much of the last one) coming soon.