Sarah Palin and the turkey

Remember Sarah Palin? Here she is in a recent interview which proves my view that watching the background is almost always more rewarding than watching the foreground.


Late night laptop action

A very busy day at work then an evening of playing the wonderful Warr Guitar. Tonight I hooked up two effects units and produced an ungodly loud and powerful sound. In the end I only used one unit (the TC Electronics G Force) as that did everything I needed.

Back in bed, with the laptop, I played with a vocal sample and some beats on Ableton Live. Before long a new piece emerged. It is quite possible I could spend the whole evening just riffing on Live. I love technology that makes complicated processes simple. Brain goes to hands on to laptop and out comes the sound I imagine. Now... do I stay up and layer some Warr Guitar onto this or sleep. Hmmmm.


Freya and her dad

Father and daughter. Both wearing items of clothing they probably shouldn't have.

Water Features

I don't have much time so this is going to be a speedy post.

Highlights of the weekend:

1. Discovering Freya's love of Cornish pasties.
2. Playing football with self same daughter.
3. Being able to acknowledge that I have the best friends in the world. Good pal Richard Guitarist, with wife and daughter along for the fun, fixed the plumbing problem caused by a previous (so-called professional) plumber. The previous person had plumbed in a water softener so that it softened only the downstairs taps. With Richard's help we can now look forward to the very hard local water not turning our bathroom form white to yellow. Good man.

Must go. Back soon.


Water and crackers

I woke up after very little sleep, still suffering from the Dreaded D, nasty-bug. The good news is that I got to appreciate the sunrise (and pre-sunrise) as I wasn't able to go into work today. The bad news is... well, I'll let you use your imagination.

More water and crackers today then.


Ill and annoyed (another positive post)

Still ill today. Much worse though as the Dreaded D has resumed. I have a two hour drive to work and the drive home today was quite scary. No disgusting incidents to report luckily but, my goodness, was I pleased to get home.

I'm in the bad place today. his kind of illness, though rare, makes everything annoying. Light, textures, sounds and the faint smells I can still register. I tried making something to eat tonight but didn't get very far with eating it. That's annoying too.

But on the bright side (and there is always one of those) I was served in Sainsbury's by the smiliest, most friendly person I have ever seen. So smiley and friendly I found it hard to understand what she was saying.

It's times like this that I'm buoyed up only by the people I love. Although, given my current mood, it's a good job they're no where near might right now.


Going to bed...



Bleary eyed tonight. Not from the election or a night of musicking, or even writing to friends.. but from Freya having her second bad night with a fever. She seems to be getting better though.

This election thing - how wonderful. Possibly a chance for America to take itself off in a new and more positive direction. Maybe a chance for its enemies to re-evaluate. A smidgen of a chance that things might get better. I'm staying optimistic because there really isn't any option.

But for now. with yet more Juana Molina in my headphones, I'm off to bed.