Ill and annoyed (another positive post)

Still ill today. Much worse though as the Dreaded D has resumed. I have a two hour drive to work and the drive home today was quite scary. No disgusting incidents to report luckily but, my goodness, was I pleased to get home.

I'm in the bad place today. his kind of illness, though rare, makes everything annoying. Light, textures, sounds and the faint smells I can still register. I tried making something to eat tonight but didn't get very far with eating it. That's annoying too.

But on the bright side (and there is always one of those) I was served in Sainsbury's by the smiliest, most friendly person I have ever seen. So smiley and friendly I found it hard to understand what she was saying.

It's times like this that I'm buoyed up only by the people I love. Although, given my current mood, it's a good job they're no where near might right now.


Going to bed...


Simone said…
Sorry you are not feeling so hot lately, I have seemed to catch something as well. Cold/Laryngitis mix I think. Anyway, take care.
I am still working on my post, thanks by the way.

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