Just in case I come across as a little standoffish or distant in the next few days I'll explain what happened yesterday.

Anticipating an interesting Wales/England rugby game I tried to repair our boiler. Something went horribly wrong though (jammed stopcocks, ill fitting parts, not my fault) and a gallon or seventeen of water made it's way down to the living room ceiling. Whilst the family decamped to the grandparents I stayed put and made a good job of minimising the damage. Hurrah for thoughtful neighbours and, for that matter, hurrah for a fully charged iPod with lots of podcasts to listen to. And candles. Don't forget candles.

Everything is a lot better now but blogging might slip down the priority list for a few days.


nmj said…
How horrible to have your weekend dominated by DIY hell. Hope all is fixed soon.
Will said…
Thanks for the thought. But I'm going to let the weekend dominated by a beautiful piece of music called 'The ConstruKction of Light' by King Crimson. It's denial but it's working. :-)

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