The Best Way Out...

And if getting 'Perfetc' online wasn't enough I've now completed the RPM challenge by writing and recording an album during February (with, a few days to spare). Phew! Must sleep now.

More perfetc

The new Spingere album, 'Perfetc' is now available to buy from here.



After a night of bad dreams, or at least weird dreams, I've had another busy dayjob day. Tonight though we celebrated pancake day with, well, pancakes. Lots of them. Freya can now say 'pancake' although she hasn't yet started yelling 'tosser', which is good. Now I understand the concept of Fat Tuesday.

Tomorrow is going to feature a night of onganising the album so it's ready to appear on the excellent Musiczeit site. I'll also be finishing off the RPM challenge.

Listening to lots of King Crimson circa 2003 and loving the energy.



What a day! I went to the day job, sorted out the insurance issues for the water damage, celebrated my mum's birthday (a few days late), met up with some good friends, dropped Freya off with her other grandparents, recorded four new tracks (for the RPM Challenge), watched an episode of Studio 60, had a little food and ... oh yes, slept.


Year of the Challenge

Things have settled down now. To the extent that Freya is back here, alseep and I have been making music for an hour or so, having spent every other waking moment cleaning, tidying and generally sorting out the mess from yesterday. When I thought of this as the Year of the Challenge, this wasn't what I had in mind.


Just in case I come across as a little standoffish or distant in the next few days I'll explain what happened yesterday.

Anticipating an interesting Wales/England rugby game I tried to repair our boiler. Something went horribly wrong though (jammed stopcocks, ill fitting parts, not my fault) and a gallon or seventeen of water made it's way down to the living room ceiling. Whilst the family decamped to the grandparents I stayed put and made a good job of minimising the damage. Hurrah for thoughtful neighbours and, for that matter, hurrah for a fully charged iPod with lots of podcasts to listen to. And candles. Don't forget candles.

Everything is a lot better now but blogging might slip down the priority list for a few days.



Just a quicky. I've started work on tracks for the RPM challenge and added a link to my profile page below. Also, like many people, I'm trying out Twitter and have put my feed on this page too. Micro blogging? Some people think writing a blog is an extravegance (not me, obviously) so what are they going to make of Twitter? Or, more importantly, who cares?

Watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.



Sunday Night (Cabin) Fever

Complete madness this week. I've had two days off the dayjob thanks to snow, although on Saturday the village was effectively cut off from so called civilization. Today, cabin fever has started to kick in but we're all trying to stay sane.

I've got no where with an music projects but hope to get back into the (ahem) groove very soon. Tremendously excited to hear that David Byrne is going to gig in Oxford this April. The last time i saw him play was many years ago in Frankfurt, where I was then living.

This might not be making any sense as I had ten hours sleep last night!

Will normality resume tomorrow? What is normality? Cabin Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever.


It's another Snow Day!!!

What a great day. It didn't start too well - an early start driving out with my daughter in the heavy snow, crawling through the villages. I was going to work and had to drop Freya off at her granny's house. A few miles from the house my mobile buzzed and, pulling over, I found that the dayjob had been called off for today. Too much snow.

So, Freya and I went to her granny and grandad's anyway for a lovely breakfast and a relaxing few hours. After some nightmare car moments we headed home again but spent most of the day playing in the snow.



The new Spingere album, 'Perfetc', is now complete and I'm in the process of getting it out to the world. DOn't be put off by the grim cover art - it's far more positive than 'Coffee-Housing'. It's mostly instrumental - that instrument being the Warr Guitar. A more detailed breakdown of tracks will be heading this way soon.