He was like this when I arrived

21st May
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This last week has been an interesting one. I've spent most of it on a course and, much to my delight, it was an interesting and rewarding one.

Previously, my experiences on courses have been much like my experiences in meetings. That is - a good place to think about music and write poems. However, this time I spent four days enjoying learning practical skills, meeting interesting people and hardly ever drifting off.

The course was to train me to become a first aider so that if someone keels over at the dayjob, I can put them in the recovery position and call for an ambulance. My fellow students included a horse racing energy trader, a Polish hotel manager, a nuclear binman and a man who runs the electrics (and much more) at a theatre.

On Friday morning all the week's learning fell away and I almost killed my colleague during a practise session. But in the afternoon's exam it all came together and I left fully qualified, if a little paranoid.

Now... time to get back to the bass and prepare for some gigs.


Where's my Flickr feed

Something has gone wrong with my Flickr feed. The pictures below and to the left are not mine. I'm going to leave this as it is until I can find out how to fix it (I've been working through the most obvious ways). Maybe there's a theme or connection.

Normal service... well, you know.


Food of something

Music that got me up and about today:

Theme from Shaft - Isaac Hayes
Silentium - Arvo Part
Mean Streak - Gary Willis


I like to play bass.

Early gig
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When this was taken I'd been playing for a couple of years and was road testing my first fretless. Playing the bass and singing at the same time would take another year or so.


I like to sing

While I was getting Freya ready for bed she bounced up and slipped, falling head first toward the floor. I caught her and convinced her this wasn't worth crying over. Later, just before she fell asleep she repeated, "I like to sing, I like to sing a song."

That made me feel today was a worthwhile day, and that I had made my existence worthwhile.


13th May
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Wednesday night is usually music night. Tonight though it was music video night. A pal has written a song and wanted to make video with decent sound quality and maybe a little tweaking here and there. This was a learning curve for both of us, but after a few hours we had produced a reasonable quality slice of footage (that sounds wrong but I'm quite tired) which we were both, almost, happy with. I enjoy learning things this way.
I'll post it on my YouTube site as soon as we're made the final, final version.



Early in the morning, after a few hours trouble trying to breath my wife was in need of an asthma inhaler, which (after some negotiating with a doctor) I picked up from a late night department of a hospital. After a few hours sleep I went to work at the dayjob. Coming home after an early evening visit to my parents with Freya (22 months and surprisingly opinionated) along for the ride, I found that the car wouldn't back up. A quick check revealed a rear wheel wasn't turning and the AA were called out. To make matters more interesting, Sainsbury's were due to deliver the week's groceries in an hour.

Within the hour I had called the supermarket and headed them off. The man from the AA fixed the car and shared an interesting life story. A local shop surprised us all by carrying a massive range of car parts. Freya and I drove home and she went to sleep after nine, rather than her usual seven.

The next day (yesterday) we all took things easy. In the evening I made pancakes for all and finally got a good night's sleep.