He was like this when I arrived

21st May
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This last week has been an interesting one. I've spent most of it on a course and, much to my delight, it was an interesting and rewarding one.

Previously, my experiences on courses have been much like my experiences in meetings. That is - a good place to think about music and write poems. However, this time I spent four days enjoying learning practical skills, meeting interesting people and hardly ever drifting off.

The course was to train me to become a first aider so that if someone keels over at the dayjob, I can put them in the recovery position and call for an ambulance. My fellow students included a horse racing energy trader, a Polish hotel manager, a nuclear binman and a man who runs the electrics (and much more) at a theatre.

On Friday morning all the week's learning fell away and I almost killed my colleague during a practise session. But in the afternoon's exam it all came together and I left fully qualified, if a little paranoid.

Now... time to get back to the bass and prepare for some gigs.


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