Writing it down.

At last a good night's sleep. Feeling much better for it.

The cough remains (of course) but I can handle the cough if it isn't keeping me awake all night. Played some music on the Warr Guitar, which helped, but then remember tomorrow is the first of November and I promised myself the start NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). The aim is not to write something great, or even good, but to just get the words down so there's something to revise in December. I'm not sure I have the energy or time to do this but I will try. I suspect music projects will get take priority, but we'll see.



Much self pity here at Sick Family Cruttenden. The good news is that Freya is now sporting a normal temperature and will soon be rested and human-like again. The not so good news is that I can't sleep properly for coughing (day three, or is it four of that) and I just answered the 'phone to discover my voice is packing up. Everything is irritating, especially my own cough.

If you're reading this and you're one of those people who never gets sick... oh, never mind.

Health and happiness will be back in due course.


Let the sun shine in.

You'd think that I would have a Spingere fan page box thing on this page, rather than an Eclipse one. Eclipse is a trio I play in whereas Spingere is my project where I do all the work and yet, remain truly rubbish at promoting. So, why compound this by promoting a and I don't even write for. The answer: Eclipse is about to get gigs and as well as playing bass throughout I'm going to be opening the shows with something soundscape-esque on the Warr Guitar. Actually, it's possible what I play on the Warr might not be anything like a soundscape, but I'm going to bring all the kit along just in case the moment feels right.

We're all sick at home now. Freya is running a temperature and I have a rather nasty cold. People who call me in the morning (even people who have known me for decades) ask if I have a cold because my morning cat allergy makes me sound like I've got one. Each time I hear "have you got cold?" I fee like I'm answering for the millionth time... "no, it's my allergy." Today someone asked if I had a cold and I almost shouted back at them "Yes! As a matter of fact I HAVE A COLD!!!"

Maybe I shouldn't write blog entries when I'm feeling the tired and crabby. Sunshine and happiness, everyone.


from disaster...

Last night's rehearsal should have been a nightmare. The piano player was unable to get there, the guitarist's new amplifier blew up, I had a cold and was feeling flat and tired. As it happened, the remaining two thirds of the trio played through the whole set with only minor fluffs. We felt the mood lift and even managed to re-arrange the final piece despite the late hour. We should have the date of the first gig very soon.



Lots of background work going on in the musical part of my life at the moment. Loads of it actually. Gigs being prepared, albums being distributed and songs being bashed into shape. Huge, great fun and very satisfying.


Back home (sort of)

9th October
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I went with the family to Aylesbury yesterday. Among all the other goings on of the day we stopped for coffee at the refectory of St. Mary's church. Lots of Fairtrade goodies and some of the best soup (Stilton and Leek) I've had in ages.
I showed Freya the inside of the church and we enjoyed walking around the far from gloomy graveyard. It was only today that I made the connection that this was the church where my parents were married.
I used to live in Aylesbury many, many years ago; but most of my memories revolve around playing in the dead-end street where my parents' house was. In a town not know for it's attractive corners, this was an area I was glad to revisit.


3rd October

3rd October
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Heading back from getting the groceries I saw this scene and had to stop. To get this shot I had to climb over a fence and stand in something unpleasant looking. the groceries were fine.