Let the sun shine in.

You'd think that I would have a Spingere fan page box thing on this page, rather than an Eclipse one. Eclipse is a trio I play in whereas Spingere is my project where I do all the work and yet, remain truly rubbish at promoting. So, why compound this by promoting a and I don't even write for. The answer: Eclipse is about to get gigs and as well as playing bass throughout I'm going to be opening the shows with something soundscape-esque on the Warr Guitar. Actually, it's possible what I play on the Warr might not be anything like a soundscape, but I'm going to bring all the kit along just in case the moment feels right.

We're all sick at home now. Freya is running a temperature and I have a rather nasty cold. People who call me in the morning (even people who have known me for decades) ask if I have a cold because my morning cat allergy makes me sound like I've got one. Each time I hear "have you got cold?" I fee like I'm answering for the millionth time... "no, it's my allergy." Today someone asked if I had a cold and I almost shouted back at them "Yes! As a matter of fact I HAVE A COLD!!!"

Maybe I shouldn't write blog entries when I'm feeling the tired and crabby. Sunshine and happiness, everyone.


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