Finish Line (again)

And with a great flourish* I have finished my second novel. It's significantly better than the first one although that doesn't mean it has any literary merit whatsoever.

If it sounds like I'm being modest that's really not the case. I understood, week or so into this one, that what I was actually doing was limbering up for the first 'real' novel. If I can write a book in a month that isn't complete toss, twice (went my reckoning) then I can produce a full length work with a bit of merit. We'll see.

In the meantime I am now free to finish editing the Marcell/Cruttenden album (due for release before the end of the year if I hurry up) and to record some parts for an EP due out in the New Year. Then there's a new Spingere album (due March) and whole pile of books to read. Thanks you NaNoWriMo for getting me closer to one of my favourite goals - but it is good to have my life back.

*Not quite true - this one was finished with a cup of coffee and a coughing fit.


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