The weekend in perspective

Here's this weekend in perspective.

Friday: Back from work I 'cooked' for the family and somehow managed to mess up a salad.

Saturday: Tried cooking for the family again and this time messed up pasta and sauce. Went to the village fete and baked in the sunshine (see picture).

Sunday: England lost, badly. But, I did complete some DIY work, played some bass, cooked a good meal and watched Stevie Wonder at Glastonbury (on telly). I also had one of those rare, really good ideas.



On piano
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My daughter, Freya, turned three this week. People often say “don’t they grow up quickly?” but I can report that I’ve felt every day of her three years. Even the hard days, when she’s behaving badly or making my life that bit harder, I feel that I’ve been given a gift. One day she will grow up and leave home and sooner than that she’ll be even more stroppy and difficult, but right now I’m thankful.

It does feel that we’re in ‘calm before the storm’ territory. Very soon there are going to be major changes in the household. But, if the philosophy of living for the day has done anything for me, it’s taught me to enjoy the calm, while making preparations for what’s to come.

On a lighter note, Freya asked me last night what note a particular string on her ukulele was. I said “G” and Freya reacted by walking over to her mini-piano and playing a G. I quickly tuned the string to the piano and told her the next string was a C. She repeated the process until the uke was tuned up. I’d love to report that we then played a song, or that she wrote something meaningful on the piano. But no, of course, she got bored and just banged out clusters of notes before bathtime beckoned.

I’m not excited at her potential musical interests as much as the opportunity to see those connections being made. What next though?



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How do you not love a girl who says "Daddy, I love you more than a raspberry," and then blows a raspberry on your arm.


Once upon a time...

Newbury Rehearsal Room 2
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I once worked at Greenham Common airbass. I didn't do very much there though, since my job was to sell things to the staff who were already leaving. Essentially my work involved driving to the base, reading a book for eight hours and then driving home.

Recently I went with pals Richard and Richard to the same place to do some considerably more interesting work in a rehearsal studio there. Lovely place and not just because someone had taken the nuclear missiles away.



Last night, just after I had got home and we had all eaten, a man came to visit us. He was from a company that would provide a service to improve our house. He had come “a twenty minute visit” to measure up the appropriate parts of the house but, once in our kitchen he had a whole spiel to go through, including showing us a DVD feature on his portable DVD player. As soon as the feature started playing my heart sank. A corny voice-over was bad enough but, once finished, our sales chap highlighted points we had already seen and… well, let’s say things dragged from there on.

While all this was happening Freya would appear, eyes closed, beaming and strumming her ukulele. She would wander out form the front room, then disappear back to get up to who-knows-what. The sales chap was good person and we even bought what he was selling but how I want that time back so I could spend it with my daughter instead.

In other news: Bridge Street played in Newbury recently and sounded considerably more together than last time. It was (as ever) a joy to make music with my friends Richard and Richard. The guy running the place we played described us as sounding, “awesome!” I’m happy with that.