Last night, just after I had got home and we had all eaten, a man came to visit us. He was from a company that would provide a service to improve our house. He had come “a twenty minute visit” to measure up the appropriate parts of the house but, once in our kitchen he had a whole spiel to go through, including showing us a DVD feature on his portable DVD player. As soon as the feature started playing my heart sank. A corny voice-over was bad enough but, once finished, our sales chap highlighted points we had already seen and… well, let’s say things dragged from there on.

While all this was happening Freya would appear, eyes closed, beaming and strumming her ukulele. She would wander out form the front room, then disappear back to get up to who-knows-what. The sales chap was good person and we even bought what he was selling but how I want that time back so I could spend it with my daughter instead.

In other news: Bridge Street played in Newbury recently and sounded considerably more together than last time. It was (as ever) a joy to make music with my friends Richard and Richard. The guy running the place we played described us as sounding, “awesome!” I’m happy with that.


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