Great gigs

24th October 2010
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A stunningly good gig on Sunday night. The Adrian Belew Power Trio in Islington were a joy from the first note to the last, literally. Adrian Belew played notes on his guitar as if they were being ripped form him. Tobias Ralph on drums made me wonder why he isn't better know (and this was only his second gig with the band). Julie Slick (pictured) was a revelation. Full of energy, skill and swagger but completely lacking in arrogance, she was a treat to watch and listen to.

After it was over and the band announced they had no more material someone in the crowd shouted out, "play it all again!" If they had, I would have stayed to listen.



Some mornings, as I’m heading off to the dayjob my daughter will try to eat her breakfast in front of the television. I could write pages about middle-class guilt and why I shouldn’t really be letting her watch so much television eat breakfast in the living room or fix loose roof tiles but, until yesterday, there had been no adverse effects.

Actually there had been. My cheerful three year old child would sometimes stare at the screen in a trance and not answer me when I said goodbye to her. As I’m a sarcastic bastard I started saying goodbye to her and then (if I got no response) the television set as well.

Yesterday I did just this. Gave her a kiss and said goodbye, received not a trace of a response and so said goodbye to the telly. When I got to my car I looked back in at the living room, through the window and could see a person on the television screen waving goodbye. Things, I thought, need to change.



Poser? Moi?
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I had a strange, retro eating experience today. On impulse I went with the family to a Pizza Hut. I haven't been to one since 1994. Pizza Hut used to be the place I would use as an easy feeding station when I lived in Germany. The menus were in English, the staff all spoke English and every Pizza Hut looked the same. This wouldn't normally appeal but on the occasional day when I was feeling low and just a tiny bit homesick it was almost comforting.
I never felt homesick, truthfully. But I did get low. Low from loneliness.
Today though I went with wife, daughter and son. The food hadn't changed much (except I don't remember being able to get a thin crust pizza before) and so I had sensory memories triggering the loneliness of the long distance suit salesman stuck in a newly welcomed city, but also the realities of excited three year old, baby boy and a wife with her own memories (separate form mine) of ancient Pizza Hutting.
My daughter, who is more perceptive than I am, enjoyed many parts of the visit but was, overall, underwhelmed - being more interested in her new Tinker-bell costume.
There's a lesson here somewhere.



Butterfly (homemade)
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I made brief reference to building a butterfly out of willow and tissue paper in one of the entries below (didn't I?). Here's a close up of the attempt Freya and I made.

I'm not expecting either my daughter or I to become sculptors. She is far more interesting in making things with paint and paper, while I recognise that, without the help of a three year old, I'd never make anything worthwhile.



This weekend I found the perfect way to get my three year old daughter to sleep. It's easy.
1. Go for a walk up a steep hill in the driving wind and rain
2. Then climb up a tower with 126 steps
3. Climb back down
4. Drive to a swimming pool listening to reggae
5. Go for a swim
6. Drive home listening to more reggae
7. Eat a hearty meal

... and then, bingo! Off to sleep.

But then minutes later she was back up again. This was probably because between points 6 and 7 she had already fallen asleep in the car. So...

8. Tell her stories about your childhood until she... zzzzzzzzz