Some mornings, as I’m heading off to the dayjob my daughter will try to eat her breakfast in front of the television. I could write pages about middle-class guilt and why I shouldn’t really be letting her watch so much television eat breakfast in the living room or fix loose roof tiles but, until yesterday, there had been no adverse effects.

Actually there had been. My cheerful three year old child would sometimes stare at the screen in a trance and not answer me when I said goodbye to her. As I’m a sarcastic bastard I started saying goodbye to her and then (if I got no response) the television set as well.

Yesterday I did just this. Gave her a kiss and said goodbye, received not a trace of a response and so said goodbye to the telly. When I got to my car I looked back in at the living room, through the window and could see a person on the television screen waving goodbye. Things, I thought, need to change.


nmj said…
I hope you waved back ;)

I call my nephews TV addicts if they blank me for the screen. Of course, not a flicker of a response, whatever is on is too engaging.
Will said…
I did wave back! The telly is a third parent - I just have to accept this and not get jealous.

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