I'm going to use this post to share a few pictures with you. The first picture is of my mum's mum, who we all knew as Nan. She is sitting with her younger sister, Florence. I knew Flo as an older lady and my Nan as a cheeky and forthright presence in our house. One of Nan's other sisters was a nanny to a maharajah and was friends with the opera singer, Kathleen Ferrier and several other well known musicians. Her brothers (my great uncles) included a few professional musicians. I'm only just discovering things about my mum's side of the family and most of it is, to me at least, fascinating.

The other pictures are from Saturday. One is me with my son the other is the new picture in out front room. My sister-in-law bought me an album frame and I looked through the remains of my vinyl collection and picked 'Black Market' by Weather Report.

A proper post with news, opinions and some silliness will appear soon.


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