Into the Light

Recently I’ve been posting about a band I play in called the Eclipse Trio. It’s a little unusual in that the instrumentation is piano, guitar and bass. Not having a drummer makes for some challenges when feeling the pulse of a piece of music, but it also means setting up for gigs or recording sessions takes virtually no time at all.

The trio has been recording an album at the rate of one song every two weeks. This is very slow, obviously, but it’s all we could manage given the limited amount of time available to us. While the current album is nearing completion it’s become apparent that we’ve accumulated another three albums worth of songs. Many of these songs were written and played at gigs, although some of them go way back.

So, our beloved guitarist/singer/songwriter came up with a plan. He’s has persuaded us take four consecutive days out of our lives and move in to the pianist’s home studio. This, if  we do it right, means the next album can be finished in days, rather than years.

This is such a positive step that we’ve decided to make a video diary and try to get the band’s small but ever growing fan base involved. My main issue, as bassist, producer and buyer of cakes is to make sure I bring the espresso maker.


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