A Simple Camping Trip (Part3)

After a day in a tent and another in a static caravan, a bruised boy, a scraped girl and a wife with a swollen ankle we were due an easier time.

I called my dayjob and booked an extra day off work (it was now Monday) then called my daughter’s school and explained why she wouldn’t be in.

The previous night, after finding the caravan’s door had broken, we had been given a lodge to stay in. this was essentially a nicely appointed log cabin with proper kitchen and bathroom and walls that wouldn’t wobble about if you coughed near them (cp previous posts). I was very happy.

In the morning, after a civilised breakfast, we packed the car up again and drove off to enjoy more of the New Forest. Along the way we managed to annoy a lady working in Exbury Garden gift shop by pointing out half her stock was dirty (she retaliated by being horrid to the children), Freya’s tenacious  front tooth finally fell out and she lost the birthday present she had bought for herself.

The next time we go on holiday, we’ll try for something complicated instead. What could possibly go wrong?


camelama said…
Oh Will. That sounds like every family road trip from my childhood! :) Injuries, construction failures, lost items. Yup!

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