Hello Latvia

I just went to the Stats page for this site and found out where you (that's the non-specific you, let's not get caught up in Pronoun Drift again) live.

Most of you live in the U.S.A. This is no surprise as I have plenty of friends there. The only surprise is why they/you want to read this.

Next up is Poland. This is also not a surprise as a musician friend has been back in Poland visiting family and is probably checking to make sure I haven't re-written one of our tunes in 9/8 time.

The UK features well, as I might expect it to. But then there's Latvia.

I don't know any Latvians and have never been there but there seems to be a demand for Blog of Will in the land of rupjmaize and grey peas.

Thank you for reading, wherever you are. With blogs disappearing like British pubs I'd like to think I can keep this going for a while longer.


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