What's up

It’s been a highly mixed year already. I’ve had two spontaneous breaks away from the nightmares of our house, my musical life is moving up a gear and I survived another birthday.
Alongside this my mum has been unwell and has been spending the week in a ‘care unit’. Not an old people’s home, not a hospital. Technically it’s a rehabilitation place, although there doesn’t seem to be much rehab going on, possibly because mum doesn’t need much. By the time you read this she should be home again. That’s a mixed blessing. I imagine she’ll miss the company at the rehab place, but will be glad to be in her own space.
There are some things coming up which I hope to write about here though.
I also owe you, gentle reader, an update on my 50 at 50 list. That’s coming soon. Expect some excuses.


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