RPM Challenge - an embarrassing update

The plan to make an album in February was going really well. Lyrics written, music for two of the tracks complete and I even managed to maintain the feeling that I could finish it.
But then my family and I were offered a chance to cat/house sit in Penzance. We love Cornwall and all needed a break from the hassles of daily life (the ongoing fight with Sovereign Housing and the neighbours, for example). So, after celebrating my mum’s 89th birthday various family members piled into the car and headed south-west.

That was lovely of course but it took a week out of my recording schedule, such as it was. I now have, by my reckoning, one evening to record seven songs.

And as is always the way with these things, having a week away from the technology has opened up all kinds of new ideas. We’ll see where this leads.



Some live soundscaping gigs coming up. I'm working on the least amount of gear possible (aside from amps). This is one idea.


RPM 2015

A few years ago I took part in the RPM challenge. This means you have February to write and record and album of original material. I completed it and made it available on my Bandcamp page but it was, predictably, rushed and a bit rubbish.

A few years later I tried again and cut the results down to an EP, which was less rubbish although (as far as I can tell) completely unloved.
This year I'm having another go. I have written nine lyrics, which is a shock. They are nowhere near as good, deep or meaningful as the ones I hear in the other bands I play in, but they are finished and waiting for music.

The last song now has a piano part. It is shaky and badly played but it does the job. I decided that I would much rather get these songs out of my system, no matter how rough they sound, than have them adding to my pile of half finished projects.

Hopefully I will have something to show for this in the next 19 days.