RPM 2015

A few years ago I took part in the RPM challenge. This means you have February to write and record and album of original material. I completed it and made it available on my Bandcamp page but it was, predictably, rushed and a bit rubbish.

A few years later I tried again and cut the results down to an EP, which was less rubbish although (as far as I can tell) completely unloved.
This year I'm having another go. I have written nine lyrics, which is a shock. They are nowhere near as good, deep or meaningful as the ones I hear in the other bands I play in, but they are finished and waiting for music.

The last song now has a piano part. It is shaky and badly played but it does the job. I decided that I would much rather get these songs out of my system, no matter how rough they sound, than have them adding to my pile of half finished projects.

Hopefully I will have something to show for this in the next 19 days.


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