After years of getting the band’s sound together and finding a line-up that worked, New Accelerator finally had its first gig last weekend.

It didn’t help that I contracted bronchitis but everything else fell into place with an almost frightening ease. We were the guests of Jim Spinner’s band and some sharing of musicians went on through the night. We got their keyboard guy, Rob, to play on one song and Jim himself to play guitar on another track. They got our fabulous guitarist Richard to solo on their cover of Purple Rain.

We played a set of originals, aside from one cover and the highlight for me was playing my Touch Guitar. I’ve noodled about on it in a loopy, bleeping and droning way for years but never played it as a full instrument before. It was a hugely enjoyable experience and I have to credit Markus Reuter for his instruction and ideas. Mind you, there’s nothing like a gig to show you what you need to improve on. My technique and the gaps between songs would be top of the list there.

The reaction to our set was very positive and we’re all looking forward to the next gig. Whenever that is.


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