Liner Notes and other pleasures

Ask any music fixated person and they will tell you that one of the great pleasures in life that can't be beaten is to read a good set of liner notes.

Tonight I indulged in the notes to the ProjecKts box set, in particular those of ProjecKt 4 (the band with Robert Fripp, Trey Gunn, Pat Mastelotto and Tony Levin). Wonderful music and pleasantly involved liner notes, They were written by the guy who ran the merchandise table for that tour. Closer reading suggested he was more than a 'merch guy' as he was part of the Guitar Craft school and a veteran of King Crimson tours. Also, he was a fine writer.

I have since discovered he (Sid Smith) is the chap who wrote the excellent book on Crimson.

And, as I suggested, this is the pleasure of liner notes. You never know where they might lead. I'm now off to re-read the Crimson book.

Listening pleasure tonight is from the Pat Metheny Group. As well as just enjoying the music I'm doing some homework for the gig next weekend. My goodness but can Lyle Mayes play.


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