Plaques, goodness and cows

It's been a hard week, with lots going on at the day job and no musicking to balance things out. Whilst trying trying to stay true to the idea that 'today is the most important day' I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to a chance to spend all Saturday with J.

We haven't done too badly today. With housework off the list we started with breakfast in bed, then walked around the corner to watch A.N. Wilson and Pam Ayres unveiling a blue plaque to poet John Betjeman. He had lived in the village and still has family connections here. A surprising amount of people showed up to watch (including two on a horse and cart who talked all the way through the ceremony). After the plaque was unveiled there was morris dancing from some local school children. We strolled home then drove to nearby Faringdon to find out what 'Eco Day' was all about. It turned out to be a hall full of people with information on everything from solar panels to ethical holidays. I don't want this to sound sniffy because there was a very positive atmosphere in the room. J and I came away with an armful of leaflets and some good ideas.

After booking tickets for a gig in a newly non-smoking local pub, we went for a circular walk around the countryside. Either we weren't reading the directions correctly or they weren't written very accurately, but either way we got lost twice and got back to the car dry as bleached bones and seriously foot-sore.

Today's photos include Pam Ayres unveiling the plaque, the tree where we got lost (the second time) and an impressive bit of kit I saw on one of the many farms we walked through while trying to find our way home. Also included are some of the herd of cows we had to walk though before ducking under an electric fence to get to the road that really did lead home. Quite a day.


fjl said…
What beautiful colours. Love to J. x
Will said…
Thanks. It's times like this I'm glad I a bit obsessive about taking the camera everywhere.
fjl said…
Oh God, yes. You can see I'm a camera obsessive.
PI said…
How fortunate you are to be able to simply walk round the corner for such treats.
God bless John B!
Will said…
Indeed. Even if he did want to drop bombs on my home town!

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