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It's been a great weekend. I've been out with friends for a late birthday meal and a drink or two. Or three.

J and I climbed up the White Horse Hill yesterday morning and again, with pals, today. Yesterday the highlight was the running of the sheep (much like the running of the bulls in Pamploma but more wooly). Today's was the incredible power of the wind high up on the ramparts of the neolithic hill fort. It's the highest point in Oxfordshire and today, the point where breathing and walking became almost impossible. My friend David and I took turns being Kate Winslet from Titanic while our wives gazed up at us from the drained and relatively wind free moat. It was more therapeutic then a week or therapy in a therapy centre on planet therapy.


fjl said…
That's great, I hope it does you some good. fresh air in the lungs, and abit of escape! Nothing like it.

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