Does anybody here know how to sail a ship?

Huge fun last night. I left the day job and travelled to London for a Barenaked Ladies gig at Hammersmith Apollo. BNL gigs feed my soul in a way no other experience does. There's something about the combination of music and crowd atmosphere that eclipses bands that, in theory, I rate as 'better' for whatever reason. It didn't hurt that the support was from Boothby Graffoe - possibly one of the funniest and most talented musical stand up comedians in existence. To top this there was even a reference to Robert Fripp early on in the show.

Truly a glorious way to spend an evening. An if you're reading this and thinking 'but they're just a crappy pop band with a few novelty hits' then you really need to go to one of their show.

If all goes to plan I'll be finishing mixing of Coffee-Housing very soon. I've posted another track from it on my MySpace page. It's the most ambient, and chilled out track from an otherwise (relatively) demented album. It also shows what is possible with a Stick Bass and an Ebow.

Oh, and if the title of this post makes no sense then think in terms of Frank Zappa's conceptual continuity. Eh?


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