Due date +8

Taking a queue from Bob Boilen I put Sgt. Pepper on in my car yesterday as I was leaving work. Then I drove home listening and reliving every song on this wonderful album. It was released in 1967 which means sounds from it (and the Beatles in general) have permeated my whole life. The final chord of 'Day in the Life' faded out just as I passed the sign for the village where I live.

Still no baby. A date has been set to induce the baby. At work, at the beginning of the academic year we have an induction day - that's taking on a whole new meaning now. Anyway, we're very keen not to have the baby induced so today we (and by 'we' I mean J) will be trying acupuncture to help bring it on.


rachel turvey said…
Wow your wife must be getting uncomfortable. Wish her all the best from me.

Rachel Turvey (the chatty one)

p.s don’t quit teaching
Will said…
Thanks Rachel. Don't I still owe you a song?
Anonymous said…
so you do! some thing to do with chavs and crabs wasnt it?

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