Dark Materials

I've noticed some flack heading Philip Pullman's way about his stories. It seems people feel it necessary warn parents that the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy and the film, 'The Golden Compass' contain... gasp ... atheism. Oh crikey, what next? Are these parents worried that a story might convert their darlings to a life where they don't automatically believe in a supernatural superbeing? Is the grasp on their own belief system so tenous? Or is it that atheists aren't supposed to stand up and be proud?

I'm not an atheist anymore. It would make me a person who defines myself by what I don't believe in - which is a little silly. But, I do like to tell people I am just to see how they react. It's bad, I know but it does make certain self-righteous types get uppity and annoyed. That just can't be a bad thing.

Philip Pullman writes beautifully. Your children are smarter than you think.



Several things to clear up this week.

Top Gear is the funniest programme on British television.

The Oxford Union have lost their sad little minds. Giving holocaust deniers a (very prestigious) place to voice their opinions is stupid. There might be a better, stronger word but 'stupid' sums it up pretty well for me.

'Stupid' also sums up some of my great moments this weekend. I drove to the nearest petrol station, paid for logs and kindling then drove home, singing a happy song. Then I remembered I hadn't actually put the logs in the car. Sigh.

More music soon or I'm going to explode.



Is it me or is everyone a bit low at the moment. I'd do something about it but... well, you know.

Seriously though, I feel it's time to shake off the bad vibes and do something amazing. What does this button do...?


Happy Shoppers

Happy Shoppers
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There has to be a better way to get the groceries.

Tesco View

Tesco View
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Horse 1
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A fabulous few days after car hell. Seriously, if you were thinking of buying a Renault, think again. The Clio is a potential death trap and the Scenic's clutch burnt out after less than a year's undemanding driving.

On the bright side I've had a few days with J and a cheery Freya. We've been for walks (where we met Mr Horse - pictured), gone swimming and even visited a place called a supermarket. Gosh, that's a fun place.

We had tea in the cafe at Tesco. I went to pick up the plastic milk cartons and was being blocked by a lady re-stocking the counter. She kept asking "what have I forgotten?" (while ignoring this happy shopper) so I jokingly suggested caviar. "We don't have caviar" she replied, without a hint of irony. Then she said, "I supposed you want me to ring that up?" with a weary sigh.

"When did you lose your passion for this job" is what I should have said but of course I didn't.

Am I being too mean?



This morning I had breakfast with J while Freya slept. It was glorious. Early morning peace and conversation - a rare treat.

For the rest of the day I spent time with my mum and dad (another treat) and heard my mother-in-law being witty and animated on the radio.

Guitar practising ahead.



After a few years away I revisited the Music Live show at Birmingham's NEC this weekend. Featured there was the legend that is Steve Rothery, aided by the legend that is Colin Price.
Pal, Richard Guitarist and myself found lots of music related goodies to try out and gaze upon. Most entertaining though was the Communist School of Drumming, featured here.