Dark Materials

I've noticed some flack heading Philip Pullman's way about his stories. It seems people feel it necessary warn parents that the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy and the film, 'The Golden Compass' contain... gasp ... atheism. Oh crikey, what next? Are these parents worried that a story might convert their darlings to a life where they don't automatically believe in a supernatural superbeing? Is the grasp on their own belief system so tenous? Or is it that atheists aren't supposed to stand up and be proud?

I'm not an atheist anymore. It would make me a person who defines myself by what I don't believe in - which is a little silly. But, I do like to tell people I am just to see how they react. It's bad, I know but it does make certain self-righteous types get uppity and annoyed. That just can't be a bad thing.

Philip Pullman writes beautifully. Your children are smarter than you think.


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