Horse 1
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A fabulous few days after car hell. Seriously, if you were thinking of buying a Renault, think again. The Clio is a potential death trap and the Scenic's clutch burnt out after less than a year's undemanding driving.

On the bright side I've had a few days with J and a cheery Freya. We've been for walks (where we met Mr Horse - pictured), gone swimming and even visited a place called a supermarket. Gosh, that's a fun place.

We had tea in the cafe at Tesco. I went to pick up the plastic milk cartons and was being blocked by a lady re-stocking the counter. She kept asking "what have I forgotten?" (while ignoring this happy shopper) so I jokingly suggested caviar. "We don't have caviar" she replied, without a hint of irony. Then she said, "I supposed you want me to ring that up?" with a weary sigh.

"When did you lose your passion for this job" is what I should have said but of course I didn't.

Am I being too mean?


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