I've just learnt that Teo Macero has died. The BBC don't seemed to have covered this, which is a same. Oh the paste and joys of cut of paste and joys.


Live 7 - Why, why, why?

So, I thought before going to bed I'd get out the Warr Guitar and see what I could do if I plugged it into Ableton Live.

Off I went. Some home made loops and lead lines appeared and I layered up a melody from a few days ago. Then I cut up the good bits, ran the loops in the background and created some drums sounds. Next, the drums were processed to liven them up a bit and the combination of drum, bass and melody parts were mixed around until I found the right balance.

By this stage several hours had passed and I found I had made a four and half minute piece which felt right. It summed up the feeling of the night and reflected the work I had put in. Great.

Then I remembered that I only had the demo of Live and couldn't save anything.


So I crept around the house (everyone else was sleeping) and found the only device that could record what I had done. My ancient minidisc recorder had no battery life though. A trawl through the house's remotes and other gizmos revealed no batteries with enough charge.

I went online to see if I could find a hack to record onto my iPod.


I tried to make various bits of software record the music I had made.


I gave up and shut the programme down. For my birthday I'd like Ableton Live 7 please.

Instant Karma

Happy Birthday Yoko.


Monday sunset 3
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This was the sky near our house earlier this evening. The photograph doesn't do justice to just how orange the sky became.

The sound of a radio station dying (and a loaf)

The improbably good digital radio station, The Jazz, is dying. The company that owned it pulled the plug a week or so back and ever since then it's been slipping away fast. If you listen now you hear what sounds like an iPod playing the same six songs, over and over, in an empty room.

More cheerful, domestic news is that, although I've given my cold to J and Freya, I have cooked dinner and made bread without disaster today.


They put their elbows on the keyboard

Enjoyed listening to Thom Yorke on NPR today. Actually the show was so good I listened to it twice.

I've had a bright idea in relation to making music. An experiment tonight is the reason I'm still up typing this when I should have gone to bed hours ago. Part of this bright idea involves me taking the touch guitar playing much more seriously. Another part of the bright idea involves me mucking about with sound, quite a lot.

On the up side then, plenty of new ideas which seem to be working. Also the prospect of meeting up with at least one muso friend during half term. On the down side, I have a cold.



GCap = juicy expletive

After such a great weekend I've had a truly irritating day. And here's why:

I tried to book a hotel but they told me to call back tomorrow as the person I would have to speak to won't be around till then. Excuse me? Have you ever had a hotel tell you they wouldn't take your reservation (unless they were full)?

Then I found out that GCap Media are closing down The Jazz. Possibly the best new radio station in decades. The company explained that, essentially, The Jazz is just a product and we don't care about it. Obviously I'm paraphrasing but that's the gist.

Something else that I've forgotten while typing this as I'm so angry about The Jazz closing down.

On the other hand, was digital radio ever going to catch on when the sets are so expensive and seem to have almost no useful life if you use them on batteries?



Today I stopped outside the local church to have a quiet moment with Freya. I ate chocolate, she stared at me. This is what the church looked like.

Watch the skies

A wonderful Saturday. Freya went swimming with her mum while I had a chat with good pal Richard Guitarist (his wife and baby were swimming too). Then off to Borders for cofffee and cake, and more chatting. After we got home J, Freya and I went out again for a swim in the big grown up pool. We took it in turns and while I was sitting with Freya in the pool's lobby I was constantly regailed by people telling me how beautiful my daughter is. In the evening we had pizza and I even found time to play the Warr Guitar.

Is it me, or are there more planes in the sky today?



Yeah! Paperwork hell from the dayjob is over. I appreciate I'm at risk of making this blog read like Twitter but rest assured, I'll be back with heaps of interesting news shortly.


If it's not Collop Monday it must be...

Shrove Tuesday!

A hugely busy day today but J and I found time to sit down at the kitchen table and eat pancakes.



Tap into Saturday

One more week of paperwork hell and then I'm back to normal dayjob levels again.

Meanwhile, the Six Nations is back on, I have made some progress with my musical aspirations, the new Radiohead album is fab and it only took me four hours to repair a leaking tap this morning (that includes time to drive to local DIY store to get correct sized washers, losing important bit of tap, finding other DIY shop shut, routing about at home for solutions, walking around to local building chap, borrow bit form him and finally sorting the tap out).

The tap has already starting dripping again.