GCap = juicy expletive

After such a great weekend I've had a truly irritating day. And here's why:

I tried to book a hotel but they told me to call back tomorrow as the person I would have to speak to won't be around till then. Excuse me? Have you ever had a hotel tell you they wouldn't take your reservation (unless they were full)?

Then I found out that GCap Media are closing down The Jazz. Possibly the best new radio station in decades. The company explained that, essentially, The Jazz is just a product and we don't care about it. Obviously I'm paraphrasing but that's the gist.

Something else that I've forgotten while typing this as I'm so angry about The Jazz closing down.

On the other hand, was digital radio ever going to catch on when the sets are so expensive and seem to have almost no useful life if you use them on batteries?


Simone said…
Greetings. I have been reading your blog over the past few weeks. And I have to say, I am enjoying it very much. Thanks. Keep it up.

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