Live 7 - Why, why, why?

So, I thought before going to bed I'd get out the Warr Guitar and see what I could do if I plugged it into Ableton Live.

Off I went. Some home made loops and lead lines appeared and I layered up a melody from a few days ago. Then I cut up the good bits, ran the loops in the background and created some drums sounds. Next, the drums were processed to liven them up a bit and the combination of drum, bass and melody parts were mixed around until I found the right balance.

By this stage several hours had passed and I found I had made a four and half minute piece which felt right. It summed up the feeling of the night and reflected the work I had put in. Great.

Then I remembered that I only had the demo of Live and couldn't save anything.


So I crept around the house (everyone else was sleeping) and found the only device that could record what I had done. My ancient minidisc recorder had no battery life though. A trawl through the house's remotes and other gizmos revealed no batteries with enough charge.

I went online to see if I could find a hack to record onto my iPod.


I tried to make various bits of software record the music I had made.


I gave up and shut the programme down. For my birthday I'd like Ableton Live 7 please.


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