You know how hard I try to keep this from being 'obituary corner' but there's one R.I.P. I can't ignore.

Humphrey Lyttleton had been the host of the increasingly silly (and filthy) 'I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue' on BBC Radio 4 for as long as I can remember. He also played on Radiohead album. he'll be missed.

Dayjob 2.0

There is a new thing in my life and it's dayjob 2.0. The original dayjob is something I've been doing for nine years and it felt like time for a change. So I've quit the dayjob but will be doing it for a few more months, while also starting dayjob 2.0 on the days when I'm not doing the original dayjob. That could have been put simpler.

This evening, after putting Freya down for her sleep, I rounded up the Warr Guitar and the laptop to finish off a piece of music. This worked so well I started another piece which had existed as a rather detailed (and quite nerdy) plan in my head for the last week.

What is it today? Long explanations for simple things. Let's try one more...

More Beaver rehearsals and some original music soon. I'm also writing lyrics for a song from Richard Guitarist.



Peak District surprise!

Peak District surprise!
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This weekend was supposed to be a relaxing break where J, Freya and I got to attend an old friend's wedding.

The reality:
1. We left late when the cat spotted the clear signs of impending catteryness and legged it over the garden wall. When she finally returned I scooped her up, put her in her cage and we hit the road.
2. Stopped on the way to Sheffield at a service station and, in a comedy baby/bottle of water interface moment, managed to soak J's trousers.
3. Arrived at Sheffield hotel to discover the bag with our wedding clothes was still in Oxford.
4. Had mad, high speed shopping expedition to Sheffield city centre and managed to buy two new outfits with money we probably didn't have.
5. Awoke the next day to find J had contracted food poisoning.
6. I drove to the wedding alone leaving mother and child to rest, relax and stay close to the bathroom. I had directions to the church so nothing could go wrong there.
7. I got lost on the way to the church and found myself in the Peak District (see photo).
8. With no money on me and very little petrol in the car I made it back to the hotel.
9. In the hotel room my attempts at explaining what had just happened caused both J and I to get hysterical giggles, almost waking the baby up.
10. Luckily the reception was at the hotel we were already staying in so that went by without incident.
11. Drove home as fast as possible only to find a message to say my dad was in hospital.
12. Drove to hospital to pick up parents and take them home.

Well, that's the weekend. Next weekend I'm planning on climbing into the wardrobe and not coming out for seven hours.


Wagon Train?

There's a house in the village due for demolition. This is the current state of the wagon thing in its back garden.


King Crimson aren't the only band in rehearsal for upcoming gigs. The mighty Beaver are returning to the place they began to bash themselves back into shape after a long lay off. This has happened before and usually ends well but as bassist I've been spending a lot of time recently playing Warr Guitar (eight strings tuned (mostly) in fifths) and the Ukulele (almost guitar tuning but not quite) so it's probably time I spent more hours on the humble P bass.

Expect photos and news from the front line soon.



Blenheim Trees
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Somehow I cut the back of my heel. It's painful and rather annoying but didn't stop me joining J and Freya for a walk around Blenheim Palace gardens. The gardens are full of delights and when you catch sight of the palace you are reminded (if you watch a lot of movies) of Elsinor or Batman's mansion. My main memory of the place is playing a storming gig in the Orangery.

More music news soon.


Snow Day

Snow Day
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At least it was snow day for a few hours. Now it's all sunshine and blue skies again. Sigh.



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I bought a ukulele today. It's a guitar substitute for Freya but a proper instrument for me. I learnt four chords in as many minutes and look forward to making some new music.

I'll break out the SLR in the morning and take a picture that doesn't look like a dodgy surveillance shot.