Dayjob 2.0

There is a new thing in my life and it's dayjob 2.0. The original dayjob is something I've been doing for nine years and it felt like time for a change. So I've quit the dayjob but will be doing it for a few more months, while also starting dayjob 2.0 on the days when I'm not doing the original dayjob. That could have been put simpler.

This evening, after putting Freya down for her sleep, I rounded up the Warr Guitar and the laptop to finish off a piece of music. This worked so well I started another piece which had existed as a rather detailed (and quite nerdy) plan in my head for the last week.

What is it today? Long explanations for simple things. Let's try one more...

More Beaver rehearsals and some original music soon. I'm also writing lyrics for a song from Richard Guitarist.



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