Bridges, Marillion and Cows

A physically demanding rehearsal with Bridge Street last night. It all came right in the end but not before I forgot half a song and felt my voice vanishing. It was still the most fun I've had since the last rehearsal. Energy, empathy and cows.
Cows? What's he talking about? Ah, well... this is my pal Richard Drummer at his 'day' job with Marillion. No drummers were hurt in this clip.


A walk in the woods

Tonight I plugged in the Warr Guitar to the laptop and recorded a piece of music. The thought in my head was of a walk in the woods. You tell me if it worked. It's called Forest Walk and is available here. It was recorded live using an echo pedal and a G-Force effects unit. No overdubs. Hope you like it.



There is a great new album out by Brian Eno and David Byrne. I've been a keen fan of both men's work and one of my favourite albums of all time was thier last collaberation, 'My Life in the Bush of Ghosts'. That was nearly thirty years ago, so it's about time they tried something new together.


Cause and effect

In this crazy world of artistic crop rotation I've been having some fun.

Not having touched my camera for about ten days (which is a long time for me) I found out recently that I'd won a photography competition. Then, putting last night aside for music I ended up writing, a lot. And if that wasn't enough, having typed up a storm last night I woke up this morning with a freshly born piece of music in my head. Today I'm doing paperwork but now have a new poem in my notebook.

What next? Probably no good ideas for a month.


Slight Return

Another good rehearsal this week. No, a great one. Having not played together (in this format) for a long, long time it was amazing that we were as good as we were last week. However, this week we seemed to build on everything from before and many of the songs stated taking on a life of their own - always a sign that we've got it right.
Voodoo Chile (slight return) was especially good. I honestly think it was the most fun I'd had for months.

So, all this is preparation for a gig at a fete. Not to belittle the fete, but we'll be uninterrupted a dog show, so you just know we're not going to go through a grand emotional build up. If it rains we won't play anyway - so, we need gigs. Anyone want a cracking blues/rock power trio? We're ready to go.

No more progress on my own music, but that's fine. I have no real deadlines. Although I have one. An excellent American podcast/radio show has requested a new piece of music on the Warr Guitar. That's a challenge I'm going to enjoy. Especially as half the work has been done already. A piece for the new album is just about ready to be recorded. I'll keep you posted.

Other than this, it's been a surprisingly busy week. I've not even had time to write until now. If anyone's been waiting for me to be in touch, I'm won't be long.



It was good to catch up, briefly with my friend Colin, who is on tour with Iron Maiden. He, like me, is reading Haruki Murakami. Unlike me though he's on a bus with one of the most famous metal bands in the world. Good for him.

I'm still enjoying the Stevie Wonder clip. Thank you Cheery Digest.

And, as if that wasn't enough I mapped out one of the final pieces for the new album. It's all coming together in a satisfying way and I'm hoping that the finished song will be something like the way it sounds in my head.



Having a sad night. Watch this...


Obviously I'm still awake. I was listening to 'Out on the Weekend' by Neil Young. Does anyone know what makes that sound at 2:03?


Walking and reading.

It's getting late and I can't remember if I posted this before. It's a shot from a walk into Oxford last weekend. Near Osney Island, where J grew up.

Today I got to go into town and buy some books. I picked up 'The Voyage of the Beagle' by Charles Darwin and 'After Dark' by Haruki Murakami. I also got to meet my oldest friend, David. We've been pals for 39 years now and we still haven't run out of things to talk about.

A nice moment of coincidence today. I was listening to Eastern Bloc by Thomas Dolby as I drove past an Oxford night club whose posters proclaimed (in very big letters) DDR. Only yesterday I was working on a Teutonic title for a track on the new album. Deep meaning? No.

Tonight I improvised my first real bedtime story for Freya. I've written it all down because that's the sort of thing I do.

Soon it will be time for all good people to take a break and have a holiday.