Slight Return

Another good rehearsal this week. No, a great one. Having not played together (in this format) for a long, long time it was amazing that we were as good as we were last week. However, this week we seemed to build on everything from before and many of the songs stated taking on a life of their own - always a sign that we've got it right.
Voodoo Chile (slight return) was especially good. I honestly think it was the most fun I'd had for months.

So, all this is preparation for a gig at a fete. Not to belittle the fete, but we'll be uninterrupted a dog show, so you just know we're not going to go through a grand emotional build up. If it rains we won't play anyway - so, we need gigs. Anyone want a cracking blues/rock power trio? We're ready to go.

No more progress on my own music, but that's fine. I have no real deadlines. Although I have one. An excellent American podcast/radio show has requested a new piece of music on the Warr Guitar. That's a challenge I'm going to enjoy. Especially as half the work has been done already. A piece for the new album is just about ready to be recorded. I'll keep you posted.

Other than this, it's been a surprisingly busy week. I've not even had time to write until now. If anyone's been waiting for me to be in touch, I'm won't be long.


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