Errogenous Dervish at my feet

After I finished work on the "Perfetc" album I promised myself not to write any new music for a while. This was a chance to freshen up and work with other people. Well, my little exile form myself is coming along nicely. I've just posted one of these on the MySpace site. It's the track Erogenous by John Marcell but manipulated (it's not technically a remix) and with some Warr Guitar playing added. I'm about to add my first proper remix - or at least the first one that didn't make me curl up in shame. This is of Ian Boddy and Markus Reuter's track 'Dervish' from the excellent album of the same name. And just to prove you can't expect me to be consistent, I've also added a track of my own, recorded live with just Warr Guitar and electronics. It's a test of the latest version of my solo live rig and therefore (but rather unimaginatively) called "Pedalboard 3'.


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