Crosswords and gigs

Last Saturday I got to play loud and lively music with Soul Beaver. It felt great to be in front of an audience again and the weeks of regular bass playing paid off in that I made only a few annoying mistakes. It was also good to be with my friends again, doing what we do well. And we got paid!

It's my intention to get out playing music more next year.

Now, how about this? After years of meaning to get around to it I've started working out how to answer cryptic crossword clues. I managed my first one just the other day (Tries anew as an unsuccessful student would, 5 letters = resit). My first success was probably the easiest cryptic crossword clue in the world but knowing how to do it made it possible to do the next one. I'd love to say I finished the whole puzzle but in truth I stalled soon after. What I have found though is that I've got a taste for these puzzles. Expect some cryptic weirdness in the new year.


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