It's now officially too hot. Here in Oxfordish the heat is way up and the tarmac is sticking to my feet. Well alright, it's not that hot, neither is there much tarmac - but I'm roasting.

I'm also uploading pictures from a day at a fete and my laptop is over heating. That might have something to do with it.

Because I've been to a fete and because I don't believe in fate I'm going to say that, since she's turned two, my daughter has become a happier person. It could just be that her teething has stopped, but we're all having a lot more fun now. Today, for example, she discovered the delights of trampolines.

Feel free to look at my fete pictures here.

And prepare yourselves for something resembling marketing for the second Spingere album.


Slight Return

I keep talking about Bridge Street but if you'd like to hear us, go here, chose Voodoo Chile from the jukebox and turn your speakers up LOUD! Hope you like it. This version of the band features the incredible Richard Brough on guitar, the wonderful Richard Lee on drums and me on bass (an Ibanez GWB1 for you gear nerds) and vocals. Hope you like it.

Lots of Wills and Johnny

Some music news. The collaboration with Johnny Love and Will Willard is bearing fruit. You can hear some of the new stuff here or on my MySpace page.I'm feeling inspired and enjoying the (good) restrictions of working with others very much. And talking of working with others, the new look invigorated Bridge Street will be getting together very soon to plan some rehearsals and, I hope, gigs. My goal is to have us on a stage, in front of an audience in the next few months.

Also, I've been listening to Soundingfall by the Cloudland Blue Quartet recently and hope to write a review really soon. It's great stuff. Intelligent lyrics and good tunes. I'm very hard on lyrics, which is why I hardly ever write them anymore. But CBQ (aka David Reilly) gets it right every time.



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Over at my parents' house today my daughter spotted this toy car and it seemed to delight her.

I bought this while over in Berlin twenty years ago. I was there watching and helping to bring the wall down. A friend later berated me for having a little chunk of wall on my bookshelf, telling me I had no idea where it came from. I was able to point out that I knew exactly where it had come from as I'd been one of the people chiseling away at it and shaking hands with a border guard on the other side. It was a momentous time, although I have a strong memory of sitting with people in a cafe and listening to the locals complain that their jobs would all be gone when the people from the East came over.

I bought about four of these cars, giving them to friends on my return. This one now belongs to Freya.



After getting very little sleep last night (Freya couldn't breath properly and kept waking up) I've had a tiring day of work at the dayjob. The evening has been spent at the kitchen table with Warr Guitar, fretless bass, headphones and a button the records all my odd doings.
As a result of this I have two new tunes on the Spingere music player (scroll down to hear them). I'm also to be heard on some tunes from a good few years ago here.
Now I'm going to listen to a lovely mash up of tunes and dance around the kitchen until I can't stand up. That will probably take about 30 seconds.


Fergie's Chickens

I've started enjoying the new Black Eyed Peas single, Boom Boom Pow. It's not the minimal instrumentation or the feel that someone did a few clever things in Ableton Live that impresses me the most. No. It's the line "I like that boom boom pow/them chickens jackin' my style" that I like. Fergie, the football pundit and singer puts these lines over with great conviction but, honestly, what is she going on about? Are chickens really jackin' her style? Answers please.


Vote for...me!

So, since we last spoke I've had a delightful time voting. The fascism-lite parties will probably do well in this area, mostly as a protest vote against our current, self destructing government. Interesting extras this year included a party for Romans (more fascism-lite it transpired) and a Christian party. Hmmm.

Also this week a breakthrough on one musical project. My bass playing seems to have come on since I put myself through a regime of more specific practice and relearning some theory I haven't dealt with in years. A little theory, it turns out, goes a long way.

The new(ish) album is still available on Musiczeit and I urge you all to go a buy it. As a cunning marketing ploy, I'm going to put up a track by track listing with the sort of fiddly details I'd want in a set of liner notes. Expect this soon and join in the fun by BUYING THE ALBUM. If you'd like.

My collaboration with Johnny Love and Will Willard has been slowed down by 'other things' getting int he way. But tonight, as I type, I'm listening to a mix of what might be a completed track. It's too weird, I now notice. [takes off reverby, spooky vocal). Ah,better.