So, since we last spoke I've had a delightful time voting. The fascism-lite parties will probably do well in this area, mostly as a protest vote against our current, self destructing government. Interesting extras this year included a party for Romans (more fascism-lite it transpired) and a Christian party. Hmmm.

Also this week a breakthrough on one musical project. My bass playing seems to have come on since I put myself through a regime of more specific practice and relearning some theory I haven't dealt with in years. A little theory, it turns out, goes a long way.

The new(ish) album is still available on Musiczeit and I urge you all to go a buy it. As a cunning marketing ploy, I'm going to put up a track by track listing with the sort of fiddly details I'd want in a set of liner notes. Expect this soon and join in the fun by BUYING THE ALBUM. If you'd like.

My collaboration with Johnny Love and Will Willard has been slowed down by 'other things' getting int he way. But tonight, as I type, I'm listening to a mix of what might be a completed track. It's too weird, I now notice. [takes off reverby, spooky vocal). Ah,better.


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