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Music news:
In theory Bridge Street is about to start rehearsals for, hopefully, some gigs before the end of the year. Soul Beaver has a solitary gig in December but anything could happen before then. We'll see.
The Eclipse project with Russ Kilmister is moving along at a fair pace and rehearsals are now producing new and tighter arrangements, along with a few surprising covers. A Ustream performance looks even more likely in the next few weeks.
Collaborations with Johnny Love and Will Willard have moved up a gear although we've agreed to fix a deadline in case this project goes on for too long without resolution. Or we might just keep having fun without any pressure - we'll see.
The possibility of a live Spingere show (just me with Warr Guitar and electronics) might also get a dry run on Ustream. The technology's in place now, I just need to make sure the confidence is too.

In other news, my daughter has just started sleeping in a bed, after two years of being in a cot. It's all very exciting.


What's that?

Freya and I found ourselved watching '2001 - A Space Odessy' today. We had turned the telly on about an hour from the end of the film.

Freya: What's that?
Me: That's a big spaceship.
Freya: What's that?
Me: That's a pod... a small spaceship.
Freya: What's it doing?
Me: It's coming out of the spaceship.
Freya: What's that?
Me: It's the big spaceship again.
Freya: What's that?
Me: It's the little spaceship.
Freya: What's that?
Me: It's the spaceman.
Freya: What's that?
Me: (realising now wasn't the time to explain the concept of psychotic computers) It's the spaceman going for a spin in space.

And so on.

This weekend has been overtaken by paperwork. Although with the current dayjob that is a novelty rather than a regular occurence. I had ten minutes where I got to plug my Warr Guitar into and amp and play for Freya before the phone rang and 'other things' took over again. I'm planning on doing a lot of music making this Wednesday night.


Thanks a bunch

14th July
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A small slip in the ordering of groceries meant that instead of four loose bananas we got (approximately) 34 bananas in our online shop. So, plenty of banana based recipes to look forward to over the next few days.

Musical projects are all moving up a gear over the next two weeks.



Twice in the last few days I have nodded off on the sofa, only to have Freya running to say "daddy, daddy, wake up!" Both times I have eschewed analysing why I'm so tired in favour of making an espresso.

Coffee featured strongly at a barbecue at the house of friends this week. My drummer pal, Richard, has bought a Gaggia machine that does everything short of knowing when you want the coffee. It's a beautiful machine. Well designed, straightforward to use and, best of all, it makes great coffee.

While at the barbecue some upcoming musical doings were discussed and the latest internet trends argued for and against. I took a moment to see how we'd changed though. Children were running around, mortgages were being paid, body shapes had changed. But, I thought, so long as most of us have a reason to set up our instruments and play, we'll all be happy. Then I had another coffee.


Wimbledon highlights

Some might think this is childish, but it made me (and many other people stuck in traffic this morning) laugh.